When it comes to Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 mental practice, most students are quite weak on the mental mathematics.

The listening part seems to let students down, so I have created some myself, very similar in format. I am after user feedback and encouragement to create some more.

Presently I have created one examination at each level. The present levels go from 3 to 6, with levels 3 and 4 containing 20 questions, and the others contain 30 questions. They are all in PDF format.

The following FREE downloads are below. The exams have titles SET C, SET D SET E etc. This equates approximately to the National Curriculum of the England and Wales thus Set C is Level 3, Set D is Level 4, Set E is Level 5 etc. Got the idea!!

If your require the money questions in a different format (such as US Dollars and cents), let me know and I will see what I can do.

More coming soon (more feedback/general interest will encourage me).

Mental Maths Tests

Although these are free and can be downloaded and used without limits, could I ask if you could click on the donate page and encourage me to produce some more.

Sample Paper Set C

Sample Paper Set D

Sample Paper Set E

Sample Paper Set F

Sample Paper Set G