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YEAR 7 (ma4)

Specifying a problem, planning and collecting data

Processing and representing data

Interpreting and discussing results


Specifying a problem, planning and collecting data        Top



Suggest possible answers for a given problem


Decide which data and sources would be relevant


Plan how to collect and organise small sets of data


Design a data collection sheet or questionnaire


Construct frequency tables for discrete data

P   tally tables and bar charts

Construct frequency tables for grouped data


Collect small sets of data from surveys and experiments


Processing and representing data                                          Top



Find the mode, median and range

W Mixed Median Questions

Find the modal class for grouped data


Calculate mean, including from simple frequency tables


Construct graphs and diagrams on paper or using ICT

P   tally tables and bar charts

Use ICT to construct pie charts


Interpreting and discussing results                                          Top



Interpret diagrams and graphs


Compare two distributions using range and an average


Write a short report of a statistical enquiry


Probability                                                                                  Top



Use vocabulary and ideas of probability


Understand and use the probability scale from 0 to 1

W   Probability scale

Find/justify probabilities based on equally likely outcomes

W   Open championship
W   W  probability shapes

Estimate probabilities based on experimental data


Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities

W   Probability bingo          W  2 dice

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