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YEAR 7 (ma3)

Geometrical reasoning




Measures and mensuration


Geometrical reasoning: lines angles and shapes                Top



Use correct vocabulary and labelling conventions

P   P  P  P  9-dot Geoboard            

W  Names of shapes

Identify parallel and perpendicular lines


Know the sum of angles at a point


Know the sum of angles on a triangle

W Use Protractor to measure angles

Know the sum of angles in a straight line

W Use Protractor to measure angles

Recognise vertically opposite angles


Begin to use properties of shapes to solve problems


Use 2-D representations to visualise 3-D shapes

P   P  isometric grids


Transformations                                                                    Top



Understand the language and notation


Reflection in given mirror lines

P   squared paper grid

Line and rotational symmetry

W    Road signs         P  Symmetry


E   knight's move

Rotation about a given point

P   P  W  W  Rotating shapes on dotty paper

Explore transformation and symmetries using ICT


Co-ordinates                                                                        Top



Use convention and notation - First Coordinate

W  Find Shapes at a given location (Letter,Number)
W  Bingo Game
W  Zoo Animals
F Stan from South Park
F Kenny from South Park
F Cartman from South Park
F Kyle from South Park
F Various Set 1
F Various Set 2

Use convention and notation - all four quadrants

P   P co-ordinate grids
X  battleships
W  Zoo Animals
W  Crocodile
W  Shapes and Details
F Various Set 3
F Various Set 4

Find co-ordinates of points from geometric information


Construction                                                                            Top



Measure and draw lines to the nearest mm


Measure and draw angles to the nearest degree (all types)


Construct triangles (ASA or SSA)


Explore constructions using ICT


Construct nets of simple shapes using ruler and protractor


Measures and mensuration                                                    Top



Use names and abbreviations of units 


Estimate, calculate and solve problems in contexts


Convert one metric unit to another


Read and interpret scales on a range of equipment

W   W  X  X number lines

Distinguish between acute, obtuse and reflex angles


Estimate the size of any angle

W   P  W  W  Angle estimation

Calculate perimeters of shapes made from rectangles

P  Geoboard perimeters

Calculate areas of shapes made from rectangles

P Geoboard areas
W W W Areas of Rectangles
W W Area and basic Perimeter
W Compound Shapes

Calculate the surface area of cubes and cuboids

W Surface area of a drinks Carton

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