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YEAR 8 (ma4)

Specifying a problem, planning and collecting data

Processing and representing data

Interpreting and discussing results


Specifying a problem, planning and collecting data        Top

Y8 Objectives


Discuss a problem and identify related questions


Decide which data and sources are needed


Plan how to collect data, including sample size


Construct frequency tables for continuous data


Design and use two way tables for discrete data


Collect data using a suitable method 


Processing and representing data                                             Top

Y8 Objectives


Calculate statistics, including with a calculator


Appropriate use of measures of average and spread

P   W   Average unscramble

W  collect a joke

W  joke code

Construct and use stem and leaf diagrams


Construct pie charts (ICT)

Use bar charts and frequency diagrams (ICT)

W   W  Pie charts

P  Football survey

Construct simple line graphs (ICT)


Construct simple scatter diagrams (ICT)


Identify the most useful representation of data


Interpreting and discussing results                                        Top

Y8 Objectives


Interpret tables, diagrams and graphs - relate to problem


Compare two distributions using range and an average


Write a report of a statistical enquiry


Probability                                                                                 Top

Y8 Objectives


Use vocabulary and ideas of probability

W   probability joke code

Appreciate that random processes are unpredictable


Know sum of probabilities of m.e. outcomes is 1 or 100%


Find and record all possible outcomes systematically

W   listing outcomes

Use diagrammatic and tabular forms of presentation


Appreciate effect of sample size on experimental prob.


Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities


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