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YEAR 8 (ma2)

Numbers and the number system



Place value, ordering and rounding

Number operations

Equations, formulae and identities

Integers, powers and roots

Mental methods

Sequences, functions and graphs

Fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio and proportion

Written methods



Calculator methods



Checking results


Numbers and the number system

W  start of year assessment tests

Place value, ordering and rounding                                   

Y8 Objectives


Order decimals

W   W  W  Ordering decimals
W  W  graph paper for representing decimals
P  what would you rather have?
W  decimal unscramble
W  collect a joke
F F Compare decimals (With answers)

Multiply and divide integers and decimals by 0.1, 0.01

P   find the reward (multiply/divide by 10,100,1000)
P  blockbusters (multiply/divide by 10,100,1000)

P   four in a row (multiply/divide by 10,100,1000)

Round to any given power of 10

Round decimals to 0, 1, or 2 decimal places

P  X  rounding
W  maths unscramble
W  collect a letter
W  Loop cards
F Round to 1 dp
F Round to nearest whole Number


Integers, powers and roots                                               Top

Y8 Objectives


Add, subtract, multiply and divide integers


Recognise and use multiples, factors and common factors

 F Find factors of first 24 numbers - colour



Recognise and use prime numbers

Find the prime factor decomposition of a number


Use squares and square roots (-ve and +ve)

Use cubes and cube roots


Use index notation for small positive integer powers



Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion          Top

Y8 Objectives


Know that a recurring decimal is a fraction


Express a number as a percentage of another


Use division to convert a fraction to a decimal

Order fractions using common denominators or decimals

W   W  Ordering fractions
W  time as fraction or decimal

Add and subtract fractions

X Worksheet generator (mixed Numbers)
X Fraction loop Cards

Multiply and divide an integer by a fraction


Calculate fractions of quantities

P  fraction poster
  fraction trails
W   perfection
W   collect a joke
W   4 in a line
W   fractions of 24
W   test

Interpret percentage as the 'so many 100ths of'


Use equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages

W  P  W  W equivalent fractions
W  4 in a line
W  equivalent fraction pictures
W  fraction cards

Calculate percentages and % increase and decrease

W  W  W  Mental percentages

W  W  percentage perfection

W  W  percentages of amounts

Consolidate understanding of ratio and proportion

Recognise the links between fraction notation and ratio


Reduce a ratio to its simplest form (inc. different units)


Divide a quantity by a given ratio


Solve simple problems about ratio and proportion formally

 F Increase proportion in a recipe


Number operations and the relationships between them      Top

Y8 Objectives


Understand operations of + and - of fractions and integers

Understand the operations of x and of integers

W  adding starter
W  times table perfection
P  clock 
F Division long and short
F F F Multiplication
X  adding with time
W  bidmas unscramble

Use order of operations with more complex calculations


Mental methods and rapid recall of number facts                   Top

Y8 Objectives


Recall fraction to decimal conversions


Use known facts to derive unknown facts

W   mini golf multiplication

Consolidate decimals, fractions and percentages

W F  Adding decimals
W   Decimal division
W  W  W  Percentages
F Decimals Crossword

Consolidate squares and cubes and roots


Solve word problems mentally


Make and justify estimates and approximations


Written methods                                                                           Top

Y8 Objectives


Standard column procedures for decimals up to 2 dp


Column procedures for x and of integers/decimals


Understand where to position the point


Calculator methods                                                               Top

Y8 Objectives


Use brackets and memory for multi step calculations


Use the sign change key


Use powers and roots


Use the fraction keys


Enter no.s and interpret the display in different contexts


Checking results                                                                           Top

Y8 Objectives


Check results by working the problem backwards


Consider whether the result is the right order of magnitude



Equations, formulae and identities                                   Top

Y8 Objectives


Distinguish role of letters in equations, formulae, functions


Know the meanings of formula and function


Know algebraic operations follow the rules of arithmetic

F Find perimeter of shapes
F Multiply algebraic terms together

Use index notation for small positive integer powers


Simplify/transform linear expressions by collecting terms

W   Algebraic expressions

Multiply a single term over a bracket


Construct and solve simple linear equations

W  introducing algebra
W  mystery numbers
P  P  making equation cards
P equation wall
W Equation Questions
P  create a collect a letter
W  collect a joke

Begin to use graphs to set up equations


Use formulae from mathematics and other subjects


Substitute integers in simple formulae

Substitute +ve integers into expressions with small powers


Derive simple formulae

W  Finding formulas

Sequences, functions and graphs                                           Top

Y8 Objectives


Generate and describe simple integer sequences

Generate terms of a linear sequence (paper or ICT)

W  sequence joke code

Begin to use linear expression to describe the nth term


Express simple functions in symbols


Represent  mappings expressed algebraically


Generate points in all four quadrants

P   P  co-ordinate grids

Plot the graphs of linear functions (y in terms of x)  (ICT)


Recognise equations of the form y = mx + c


Construct/plot linear functions from real-life problems

Interpret graphs arising from real-life situations


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