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YEAR 8 (ma3)

Geometrical reasoning



Construction and loci

Measures and mensuration


Geometrical reasoning: lines angles and shapes        Top

Y8 Objectives


Identify alternate angles and corresponding angles


Understand a proof that angles in triangle add up to 180

Understand proof that angles in quadrilaterals add to 360

proof that ext. angle of triangle = sum of opp. int. angles

P   Angle rules

Know and use properties of shapes to solve problems

P  creating tessellations
W   how to create a tessellation

Know properties of congruent shapes


Know/use properties of cuboids and composite shapes


Begin to use plans and elevations

P  P  isometric grids

Transformations                                                             Top

Y8 Objectives


Transform 2-D shapes by combinations of transformations

W using a mirror
W mirror match
P  reflecting
P  rotating

Identify all the symmetries of 2-D shapes

P squared paper grid

Understand/use the language and notation of enlargement

Enlarge 2-D shapes, given centre and +ve scale factor

Explore enlargements using ICT


Make simple scale drawings


Co-ordinates                                                                         Top

Y8 Objectives


Given the co-ords of A and B, find the midpoint of AB

P   P  co-ordinate grids

Construction and loci                                                            Top

Y8 Objectives


Construct the midpoint and perpendicular bisector

Construct the bisector of an angle

Construct the perpendicular from a point to a line

Construct the perpendicular from a point on a line


Construct triangles (SSS)


Find simple loci to produce shapes and paths


Use ICT to explore constructions


Measures and mensuration                                                 Top

Y8 Objectives


problems involving length 

problems involving area

problems involving volume and capacity

problems involving mass

problems involving time

W  time - how long?
P  basic clock face
W  time differences
W  time collect a letter
W  speed collect a joke
F Days Hours and Minutes conversion

Know rough metric equivalents of imperial measures

W  lemon meringue pie

Use bearings to specify direction

problems involving angles and bearings


Deduce and use formula for the area of a triangle

Deduce and use formula for the area of a parallelogram

Deduce and use formula for the area of a trapezium

Calculate areas of compound shapes

P  area

P  measuring perimeter

P  area notes

W  W  W  Compound Area Worksheets

Know and use formula for the volume of a cuboid


Calculate surfacearea and volumes of cuboids and composites

W  Cubes

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