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YEAR 9 (ma2)

Numbers and the number system



Place value, ordering and rounding

Number operations

Equations, formulae and identities

Integers, powers and roots

Mental methods

Sequences, functions and graphs

Fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio and proportion

Written methods



Calculator methods



Checking results


Level description grids:        3 to 6 (number)     4 to 7 (number)     5 to 8 (number)    4 to 7 (algebra)


Numbers and the number system

Place value, ordering and rounding                        Top

Y9 Objectives


Multiply and divide any integer by any power of 10

X  W  powers of 10
W  X  X  W  Multiplying and dividing by 10 or 100
W  F Multiplying and dividing by powers of 10
W  4 in a line
W  Loop cards
W  Collect a joke

Understand upper and lower bounds

F Upper Lower Bounds

Begin to write numbers in standard index form

W  Loop cards
W  indices and standard form

Round numbers to 3dp's and a given number of sig. figs.



Integers, powers and roots                                 Top

Y9 Objectives


Use the prime decomposition of a number

F Prime factors HCF LCM and Venn Diagrams

Use ICT to estimate square roots and cube roots


Use index notation for integer powers

Use simple instances of the index laws

Know/use the index laws for x and of +ve integer powers

W  Mental powers

W  investigating indices

W  indices and standard form

W  lcm, hcf and indices
W  squares and cubes
W  powers collect a letter


Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion       Top

W WTests

Y9 Objectives


Know that a recurring decimal is an exact fraction

Use methods to convert a recurring decimal to a fraction

F Recurring decimal to Fraction

Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions

Cancel common factors before x or fractions

W  adding fractions

W fractions 4 in a line

Solve problems involving percentage changes

Calculate the result of a proportional change using only x

P   W   W  percentage blockbusters
X  W  W  mental percentages
P  W  number as % of another
W  collect a letter
W   percentage links
F Percentage Multipliers

W   percentage challenge
W  mental percentage loop cards
P  odd one out starter
F Proportion Recipe

Use fractions or percentages to compare proportions

Use proportional reasoning to solve a problem

W  Loop cards
P  W  Fraction walls
P  equivalent fractions
W  fractions
P   fractions of amounts
W  fractions of amounts collect a joke
W  converting fractions and percentages

Interpret and use ratio in a range of contexts



Number operations and the relationships between them       Top

Y9 Objectives


Understand effects of x and by numbers between 0 and 1

F Multiply and Divide by decimals

Understand the order of precedence and effect of powers

W  W  W  Number problems

Mental methods and rapid recall of number facts                 Top

Y9 Objectives


Use known facts to derive unknown facts

U Multiplication bingo cards
W  Magic square starter
X  X  F  negative numbers

Extend decimals, fractions and percentages

W   Decimal make ten

Extend factors, powers and roots

W   Powers

Solve word problems mentally


Make and justify estimates and approximations

Estimate calculations by rounding to 1 significant figure


Written methods                                                                 Top

Y9 Objectives


Standard column procedures for any numbers

X  italian multiplication

W  times and divide

Multiply and divide by decimals


Calculator methods                                                         Top

Y9 Objectives


Use brackets and memory

Use calculator efficiently - not rounding intermediate steps

P  shares activity

Use pi


Use the sign change keys


Use powers and roots keys


Use the fraction keys


Use the reciprocal key


Enter no.s and interpret the display in different contexts


Checking results                                                             Top

Y9 Objectives


Check results by working the problem backwards


Consider whether the result is the right order of magnitude



Equations, formulae and identities                             Top

Y9 Objectives


Distinguish role of letters in equations, formulae, functions


Use index notation for integer powers - index laws

Know use index laws in generalised form for x and


Simplify by taking out single term common factors

P  odd one out - simplifying starter

W   Pyramid algebra

W W  the dots game

X algebra shapes

Square a linear expression or expand (x n)(x m)

Establish difference of two squares

F F Find area of rectangles with alegrabic sides (answers)

Construct/solve linear equations with integer coefficients

W   mental starter

W   W  picture puzzles

W   W  W  W  W  Pyramids

W  W  W  X  Pyramid rules

W  missing numbers

Solve an equation graphically

Solve simultaneous equations algebraically or graphically


Solve inequalities in one variable and represent on no. line

Begin to solve inequalities in two variables

P P Inequalities introduction

Use systematic trial and improvement methods (ICT)

W   trial and improvement

W   trial and improvement

Solve problems involving direct proportion (ICT)


Use formulae from mathematics and other subjects


Substitute numbers in expressions and formulae

W   W  the dots game
W  W  4 in a line
W  Fahrenheit to Celsius
W  P  picture puzzle

Derive and use more complex formulae

W  finding a rule

Change the subject of a formula

P Change the subject

Sequences, functions and graphs                                 Top

Y9 Objectives


Generate terms of a sequence (paper or ICT )

W   matchstick patterns

P   P  P  P number patterns

Generate sequences from practical contexts

X  sequence

Write the nth term of an arithmetic sequence

Find the next term and nth term of quadratic sequences

W  matchstick patterns


Deduce properties of sequences from spatial patterns


Plot graphs of linear functions

Find the inverse of a linear function - plot its graph


Find the gradient of lines of the form y = mx + c

Investigate the gradients of parallel and perpendicular lines

P   W  Straight line graphs

Construct linear functions & graphs from real life problems

Discuss/interpret graphs arising from real life situations


Discuss/interpret distance-time graphs


Plot graphs of simple quadratic and cubic functions

Know simple properties of quadratic functions

 P P simple quadratic patterns


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