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YEAR 9 (ma3)

Geometrical reasoning




Measures and mensuration


Geometrical reasoning: lines angles and shapes            Top

Y9 Objectives


Distinguish conventions, facts, definitions and derivations

Distinguish between practical demonstration and proof

P  P  z angles
P  angle rules
W  angle facts
W  estimating angles
P  angle loop animation

Find interior and exterior angles of 4 to 6 sided shapes

Find interior and exterior angles of regular polygons


Solve problems using various shape properties

W   Shape dominoes     
P   W  P   Rules for angles
P shape envelope
P  W Tesselations

Understand and apply Pythagoras' theorem

W Pythagoras

Understand congruence

Apply  SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS for congruence in triangles


Know conditions for similarity


Know definition of circle and name its parts


Know regular polygons can be constructed from circles


Know the relationship between tangents and radii


Explain why perpendicular from centre to a chord bisects it


Recognise/use common 2-D represenations of 3-D objects

P P  isometric grids

W   cubes
P  drawing 3D shapes on isometric paper
W  drawing 3D shapes problems
P  W  P  Nets

P   P  P  opening box 'flick'
P   rolling box 'flick'
P ideas for more 'flicks'
W elevations

Analyse 3-D shapes through 2-D projections


Transformations                                                                    Top

Y9 Objectives


Transform 2-D shapes by combinations of transformations

P  P  W  W  W  W  reflections
P  lines of symmetry
W  P Rangoli patterns
P  rotating shapes
P rotating about a point
P reflections and rotations

Identify reflection symmetry in 3-D shapes

P squared paper grid
W  Mirror match
W Using a mirror
P planes of symmetry
P  W  rotational symmetry
P repeating patterns

Enlarge 2-D shapes, given centre and positive scale factor

Enlarge 2-D shapes, given fractional scale factor

Identify scale factor of an enlargement

W  W  enlarging shapes
P enlargements

Know which transformations preserve length and angle

Implications of enlargement for perimeter, area and volume


Use and interpret maps and scale drawings


Co-ordinates                                                                        Top

Y9 Objectives


Given the co-ords of A and B, find the length of AB

P   W  W co-ordinate grids

Construction and loci                                                        Top

Y9 Objectives


Construct triangles (RHS)

Know SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS constructions are unique

P spiral patterns blanks
P P Kenny
W Loci

Find the locus of an object moving according to a rule



Use ICT to explore constructions


Extend to more complex rules involving loci/constructions


Measures and mensuration                                                Top

Y9 Objectives


Problems involving a variety of contexts 

W  Estimating game
W  Units of length
W  Estimating area

Convert between area measures
Convert between volume measures

W   W  Collect a letter

Recognise that measurement is approximate


Understand and use compound measures (e.g. speed)

P  Speed, distance, time graphs

Deduce and use formula for the circumference of circles

P   Circumference deduction
W  Circles notes
W circles

P  P  P  P  P  W  Area and perimeter
P  compound perimeter

Deduce and use formula for the area of circles

Solve problems involving constant rates of change


Calculate s.area and volumes of right prisms

W   W  cubes
W  volume
P   W  Prisms

Calculate lengths, areas and volumes in right prisms

Calculate lengths, areas and volumes in cylinders


Begin to use trigonometry in 2-D

P  investigating trigonometry

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