Teacher's Report Writer

As a teacher, I have noticed that whenever it comes to report writing, 2 things occur. There is never enough time, deadlines to meet and other requirements on your time. Although I like to write individualised reports, there are some common comments that can be used with more than one student.

Teacher's Report Writer allows teachers to generate student reports very quickly.

The reports are generated from a data bank of comment statements, which can be customised to suit the individual teacher.

Teachers Report Writer features 4 main parts on the screen.

1) At the top are the tabs which contain specified comments based on the theme of the tab ( or as the author of the comments has written them). There can be 10 of these.

2) The main white window contains the comments. Comments clicked here will appear in the light blue box where the report will be created. There are an unlimited number of comments you can have in here.

3) The information panel on the right, allows the teacher to enter the students name and select the gender. The predefined shortcuts that occur in the comments can be altered and changed if the user wishes. There are a few other buttons that allow the teacher to add a new paragraph, copy the report to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into a word processor (or whatever program you use) for printing.

4) The light blue report box is where the report is created. Besides simply clicking on the comments to create reports you can fully edit them. The program will replace key codes in the comments with Names and gender based words such as he, she him etc.

You can create as many comment statement files as necessary. Once you start using this piece of software you will wonder how you ever coped without it. My personal advice would be to download a selection of comment banks and combine them to make an ideal statement bank that suits you !

Main Features

  • Completely Free
  • Teacher Report Writer is a single file that can be copied onto USB Stick.
  • Fully compatible with the Teacher Report Assistant comment files from Rays Learning
  • Create Pupil Reports in minutes rather than hours
  • Works on all versions of Windows
  • Use in conjunction with your standard word processor or report system
  • Displays number of words and characters of the reports.
  • Large pool of comment statement files can be freely downloaded

Making your own comment banks

1) Open your favourite word processor (I recommend Notepad).

First line can be your personal statement and it must start with // such as :

// Courtesy of A. Teacher from High School, Oxon, England

2) The next line MUST be the title for the first tab.

3) Now on each line can be a comment. (blank lines are OK - they will be removed when displayed)

4) If you have a mixed gender group remember to replace

name with # he/she with ^ his/her with ~ him/her with * Eg. Mary must remember to bring her equipment with her, or she will not achieve. becomes # must remember to bring ~ equipment with *, or ^ will not achieve.

5) Finally put " on a line to end that section. Now if you need another tab you must put the next title on the line directly after the ". It will look something like the example below.


// This is my example Title 1 # must remember to bring ~ equipment with *, or ^ will not achieve. " Title 2 This is another comment This is yet another comment "

6) Now save this as a .txt file. Run the Teachers Report Writer, open your new set of comments and use.